"Total elimination of poverty require more than charity."Discuss in the light of fiscal requirements around recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals.

Hunger and poverty have been a great challenge to overcome for India over the decades. Sustainable Development Goals mainly focus on sustainable agriculture; sustainable economic development; sustainable energy for long term use; technology for sustainable development; sustainable transport for social and economic benefits and ultimately the poverty alleviation.


Charity mainly aims at philanthropy and social well-being like providing financial assistance in the educational, religious, and other activities serving the public interest or common good. The ultimate eradication of poverty is not associated with charitable activities.

Sustainable development goals and poverty alleviation

The development agenda and the idea of development cannot be sustainable until the eradication of poverty is included in the program.

  • Sustainable development has the ability to reduce poverty through balanced budgeting; creating a suitable environment for the living; income equality, etc.
  • It will enhance the overall productivity and human capital generation through the provision of income and social services and creating more socially inclusive societies.
  • The inclusion of the poor to the development goals can help to eradicate poverty and lead to more equitable and inclusive outcomes.
  • Equal rights for the poor and the vulnerable on economic resources, basic services, ownership, inheritance, technology will ensure the smooth functioning of the program.
  • Mobilization of resources to execute programs and policies to end poverty in all its dimensions.


The SDGs will require the unprecedented mobilization of global finance and knowledge operating across many sectors and regions. Governments, international institutions, private business, academia, and civil society will need to operate jointly to identify the way to success. Most importantly the developing, as well as the developed world, need to come together to bring any effective achievement in SDGs.


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