To what extent, the functions of Inter-state Council, Zonal Councils and NITI Aayog overlap with each other? In what areas? Explain.

ISC is a constitutional body (article 263), Zonal councils are statutory bodies and NITI Aayog is a non-statutory, non constitutional, advisory body. The functional overlap between these is as follows:

  • Co-operative federalism: All three bodies are aimed at increasing co-operation among different states and center and states.
  • Dispute resolution: Article 263 empowers ISC to enquire and advice upon disputes between states. Similarly zonal councils and NITI Aayog also have recommendatory power on dispute resolution by negotiation, conciliation and arbitration.
  • Advisory role: All the three bodies have advisory role and their recommendations are not binding upon executive.

Of them, the role of ISC, despite of its being a constitutional organization has been eclipsed, formerly by National Development Council (NDC) and now by NITI Aayog.  The need of the hour is that each body complements the efforts of the other.


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