To what extent globalisation has influenced the core of cultural diversity in India? Explain.

Published: December 5, 2016

Globalisation breaks down the barriers and provides for an enhanced contact between the diverse sections of Indian society.
Globalisation at one end is upholding the diversity of the country by:

  • Providing for greater awareness and aiding in adopting the mechanisms to uphold the diversity of India by the means of GI for items of Indian heritage like Rasgulla, chanderi sarees, Bidari ware etc.
  • Globalisation is aiding emergence of composite culture using the diversity of the country ex: Panner of North India is blending with Dosa of South India for Panner Dosa.
  • Aiding in conservation efforts with the help of expertise from all over the world.
  • Initiatives like Ek Bharath, Shreshta Bharath is been made possible due to breaking down of barriers aiding in greater nexus between the states.
  • Globalisation has resulted in greater market for the Indian traditional art, handicrafts, performing arts thus aiding in it spread across the globe.
  • Globalisation has also aiding in transforming of India as a tourist hub thus providing for spread of Indian elements of culture.

Globalisation on the hand is posing threat to cultural core because:

  • Globalisation is favoring monopolization and uniformity thus threatening diversity of the country. Ex: English adversely impacting the vernacular languages of the country.
  • Globalisation is posing survival threats to various traditional handicrafts ex: Chinese toys sidelining India’s traditional toys like chennapatana toys.

Globalisation is a one way road which the world has traversed. It requires a concentrated effort from the triad of Government, Civil Society and Indians to ensure the vibrancy of diverse Indian society flourishes rather than withers under the waves of globalisation.

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