To enhance the diffusion of space technology and boost the space economy, the government is encouraging the participation of private sector in space activities. In light of the statement, discuss the significance of Indian space Association in providing an impetus to space technology in India.

Government’s announcement for the formation of NSIL and In-Space as a step towards privatization of India’s space initiative drew the attention to the current public dominated set up.

Current setup – dominated by government:

  • ISRO – only major organisation launching India’s space initiatives for past many years.
  • DRDO – defense & space research and launch of missions, e.g. Air-Dome
  • Private sector satellite launches are mostly micro-satellites contributed by University students.
  • In countries like USA, private companies like SpaceX are playing a major role.

Significance of Indian space Association:

  • ISA is an association of industry bodies and companies to spearhead space initiatives.
  • Policy advocacy to enable favourable setup for private partnerships.
  • Leverage synergies and complementary between private partners.
  • Enhance capacity of private sector through inputs in advanced technology.
  • Coordinated efforts to leverage economies of scale.

Other initiatives:

  • In-Space – A government agency for increased role of private sector.
  • NSIL – to enhance capacity of private sector in space participation.

Space initiatives have a cross-cutting advantage on overall socio-economic progress and privatization is a right step to further develop this sector.


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