Throw some light on the potential applications of quantum technology. Also, discuss the challenges associated with this technology.

Quantum technology is the latest leap in computer technology & will usher in a golden age for humanity.

  • A traditional computer uses binary bits, which denote either 1 or 0. But in a quantum computer, there may be multiple possible output states.
  • Thus, a quantum computer can store, process & compute data in much more faster manner.
  • Infact Google’s quantum computer ‘Syracuse’ has already achieved quantum supremacy, which means it can solve problems that previously couldn’t be solved by normal computers.


  • Development of new & sophisticated crypto currency encryption algorithms.
  • Insight into quantum mechanics & associated theories.
  • Complex scientific problems can be solved.
  • New devices & applications using simultaneous & parallel processing.
  • Medicines can be developed by complex simulations.


  • Heavy investment required.
  • Limited use cases that are in ‘niche’ areas due to nascent ecosystem.
  • India doesn’t yet have a quantum computer, so a National Mission on Quantum Computing is required.
  • It has ability to crack all present encryption algorithms in second, hence poses security challenge.

Way forward:

While every new technology is effective and disruptive, care must be taken to address the security challenges associated with quantum computing.


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