Throw some Light on the issues associated with functioning of the central information commission. Suggest measures to address these issues.

Central information commission is a Quasi judicial body, which is an appellate for the RTI process. It consists of Chief Information Commissioner and 10 information commissioners.

Issues in functioning:

  • Vacancies and delay in appointment of CIC and ICs.
  • RTI act amendment has eroded the autonomy and independence of CIC.
  • CIC and ICs are mostly bureaucrats; there is a need for diversity by appointing RTI specialists, legal expert, etc.
  • Lack of standardization in forms and process of appeal, leading to rejection of petitions.
  • Pending appeals of thousands of cases, which take years to resolve.
  • Many anonymous complaints, fail to appear before CIC.
  • Lack of geographical reach, hindering accessibility.

Measures needed:

  • Recruit more ICs from diverse backgrounds.
  • Use of ICT in its functioning to improve efficiency.
  • Timely filing of vacancies.
  • Standardize the process by increasing infrastructure.
  • Increase geographical reach.

Thus, better functioning of RTI needs to be backed by strong legislations for realising true potential of the act.


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