Throw some light on the contribution of world food programme (WFP) in India’s efforts of addressing issue of hunger & malnutrition.

The UNDP’s SDG 2 enjoins the world to ensure that by 2030, no hunger would persist in the world. In sync with this ideology, the World Food Program was established to ensure better food availability.

Functioning of WFP:

  • Promote a healthier and greener diet.
  • Prevent wastage of food & encourage recycling.
  • Information, Education & Communication about hunger.
  • Interact with civil society & act as a philosophy & friend.
  • Bring international collaboration to end hunger.
  • Disseminate best practices.
  • It is a specialized agency of UN headquartered at Rome.

India is ranked poorly in Global Hunger Index. Half of all children below 5 years are stunted as per WHO. Thus, the role of the world food program has become very crucial.

  • Organizes food banks, community outreach programs, etc.
  • Works at grass-root level and in rural areas to spread awareness.
  • Helps in reduction of preventable diseases and promotes healthier diet too.

Brings together farmer, industry & academia to solve the food crisis.


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