Throw some light on the characteristics and significance of Project MANAV launched by the Department of biotechnology.

The Project Manav aims to create a certified database of the molecular network of all the tissues in the human body.

Significance of project Manav:

  • Promoting scientific collaboration among different universities and researchers.
  • Promoting research and development in the human anatomy and tissues of the body.
  • The database can be later utilised by private companies, students, researchers, etc for research and educational purposes.
  • It is first such effort and success of it will pave way for more such collaborative efforts in future.
  • It will increase the connection from the foreign universities to Indian universities, hence increasing the quality of education.
  • It will promote necessary skill development of researchers and will foster innovation in the country.

Project Manav is a welcome step in increasing the research in the field of biotechnology. Government now should necessitate finances and support for its smooth implementation.


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