Throw light on the contribution of Basaveshwara and Vachana Sahithya on Indian culture, literature and religion.

Basaveshwara was a part of the Bhakti movement and one of the main proponents of Veerashaivism.
The pre-Basaveshwara society was embedded with idol worship, superstitious beliefs, evil spirits and believed in sacrifices of animals to be made to the deities. Caste system was rampant and exploitation of lower classes by upper classes. Basaveshwara rejected the caste system and role of Vedas and  advocated for equal social and religious right for women. He wanted his teachings to reach common man and therefore he composed his teachings in the form of Vachans.
The Basava literary works include the Vachana Sahitya in Kannada Language. Vachana Sahitya is a form of rhythmic writing as a part of the Sharna movement. It intended to build an egalitarian society. They were highly simple and did not impose any grammatical or literary restrictions on the authors. Within a very short time, Vachana literary movement produced around 300 poets. The Vachana Sahitya was at a peak in 12th century.
There was ardent effort made by Basaveshwara in order to simply the Hindu society and propel literature. (178 words)


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