Though most of insurgent groups of northeast have given up violence and are engaged in peace talks, there are several issues that can act as hurdle in the way of peace. Discuss.

North East India comprises of the seven sisters & Sikkim. Most of these areas have faced a problem of insurgency in past, but now the problem is limited to a few areas only.

Insurgent Groups:

  • The Mizo-National Front – surrendered and signed an agreement with India in 1986. Consequently Laldenga entered into politics.
  • The Naga National Council – was started by ‘Angami Zapu Phizo’ in 1946 for an independent Nagaland. It broke into several organisations, NSCN, NSCN-K, NSCN-IM, etc. Few coordinating with Governer of Nagaland, while others continue to use violence.
  • Bodoland – The insurgent groups have surrendered in 2019 & they will be accommodated in the mainstream of Assam.

Challenges to progress:

  • Sovereign state demands as many groups want their own flag & constitution.
  • Demand for reservation benefits & 6th schedule areas in other north eastern states.
  • ADC’s number to be increased with additional powers of guarantees of non interference.
  • Many insurgent groups are engaged in rent-extraction, smuggling of arms & drugs into Myanmar & Bangladesh.
  • Many in order to leverage their position, take aid and assistance from China.
  • Accommodating vast ethnicities & tribes of NE, as they fight amongst themselves for resources.

Way forward:

A pragmatic approach involving give & take is need of hour.


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