The treaty on Nuclear Non-Proliferation (NPT) has many flaws despite its universal acceptance. Comment on India’s position on the related issues.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) remains the principle instrument to ensure global peace from a Nuclear Armageddon.

Universal acceptance of NPT:

  • Upholds principle of limiting nuclear devices. Sufficient warheads are present to wipe the entire planet several times over.
  • Ensures use of nuclear technology only for peaceful ends, like nuclear energy.
  • Instrumental in maintaining peace and retracting proliferation of nuclear bombs.

However, it remains deeply flawed from India’s point of view:

  • Inhibits R&D in defence capabilities.
  • Does not take into cognisance the nuclear threat India faces from its immediate neighbours Pakistan & China.
  • Does not acknowledge India’s commitment to no first use.
  • Hinders access to nuclear tech to aid India to transition to net carbon neutral as per COP-26 commitments through nuclear energy.

Thus while it seeks to foster status quo and peace, the NPT should remain cognizant to India’s track record as well as its unique strategic challenges.


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