The NGT is a unique institution with a role going beyond mere adjudication and having a capacity to provide redressal for environmental exigencies. Analyze.

The NGT was established in 2010 with an aim to provide faster resolution of environmental disputes.

The role of NGT is not limited to merely adjudication but extends beyond:

  • It has the capacity to suo-moto take cognizance of any issue of importance (environmental issue).
  • Meanwhile it enjoys special powers to conduct enquiry.
  • NGT can also levy fine, punishment for certain offences.
  • It has in past given orders to governments for implementing certain policies to check environmental degradation. E.g. NGT order to ban firecrackers.

Despite these powers, NGT sometimes faces certain issues like:

  • High number of pending cases.
  • High number of external departments (90) which slows the speed.
  • Low capacity, technological obsolescence.

To tackle these limitations following measures can be taken:

  • Use of ICT tools to solve environmental matters.
  • Involving civil society, University, NGO working in direction of environment conservation.

NGT is an excellent, specialized organisation, to utilise its full potential, capacity development needs to be done.


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