The NGOs and voluntary organizations are important for a vibrant economy. However, their role has come under scanner in recent times. In this context, highlight the need for self-regulatory guidelines and transparency mechanisms to restore the credibility of these organizations.

NGOs and voluntary organizations play a vital role in inclusive growth. Their importance has been highlighted in last mile delivery provided by them during Covid pandemic. However, some of these organizations have come under the scanner due to their alleged wrongful activities.

Concerns related to functioning of NGOs:

  • Selectiveness in beneficiary selection, often based on the religion.
  • Negative lobbying against projects of national importance (Green peace activism against Kudankulam nuclear power plant).
  • Engagement in anti-national activities (Zakir Naik foundation, ultra left leaning organizations).
  • Channeling of funding from foreign sources for anti-India activities.
  • Trying to negatively influence public discourse through unverified propaganda activities.

Self-regulatory guidelines and transparency mechanisms:

  • Reporting of funds under FCRA.
  • Listing aims and objectives on websites in the public domain.
  • Disclosure of accounts and assets under public domain.
  • Full disclosure of leadership, their nationality and political backgrounds.
  • Disclosure of assets and numeration of leadership.

Need for self-regulation:

  • Building trust among the public.
  • Resting speculation about indulging in anti-national activities.
  • Effective engagement with the government on concerned issues.
  • Elevating concerns on threat to national security.

While the role of NGOs has been important in civic activity in India, it is imperative that they conform to all regulatory and statutory guidelines and dispel allegations of illegal and questionable activities against them.


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