The Neem Plant is a plant that is also praised in Ancient books on medicines for its useful properties. Analyze the statement in context of modern uses of the Neem plant.

Azadirachta indica also known as the Neem plant has been endowed with many medicinal uses. It has the phytochemical Azadirachtin-A which is useful against many pests.
It helps by attacking many several proteins in the pests. This thus triggers such reactions which help in changing the feeding habits and even the metabolism of the peats. E.g. the cotton bollworm is a deadly pest which attacks many plants of high economic values and has become more resistant to various insecticides.
Neem attacks on the key enzyme of the worm namely JHE� involved in the metabolism and also its growth.
Neem affects the metabolism of the worm. This means that Aza A can have many targets for its toxic action.


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