"The need is for The Railways have to become lean and mean, competitive and efficient so that it can compete with the airlines for one segment of passengers, and with road transport for the movement of goods."Discuss in the light of various issues around restructuring the Railway Board.

No doubt, condition for Indian railways over the past few decades has deteriorated in terms of service quality, safety and financial performance and it needs intense improvement in its structural and operational sector to transform railways into a rich media for country.
Various steps taken under it are:

  • Government has promised restructuring of the railway board, which is responsible for maximum decision related to railways
  • Authority to railway ministry for complete policy formulation of railways
  • Railway Regulatory Authority of India (RRAI) to consist of powers related to economic regulation, including, tariff regulation, safety regulation and fair access regulation
  • Decentralization of decision making power should vest in hands of General Manager of each zone without interference of Railway Board.


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