The military rule in Sudan should give way for a civilian government. Comment.

Sudanese generals after toppling the dictator Omar al-Bashir in April took over the power at the helm as they reinstalled military instead of transferring power in the hands of the civilians. The people of the country again broke in protests asking for a transfer of power to a civilian government in transitional capacity which should then be followed by free elections. However, the generals used the time to consolidate their position and concentrated more power in their own hands. A military council was established which took over the governmental machinery. The paramilitary troopers took advantage of the situation killed at least 100 people and injuring many others especially as the talks between pro-democracy activists and the military council broke down. The recent incident has cleared the air that the military will not give up power very easily as there is no proposal for an immediate transfer of power. The situation has further worsened as the generals also enjoy the support of international leaders. UNSC has not yet condemned the violence. Saudi Arabia has come to support the military junta financially which has given the latter impunity to cause murderous paramilitaries on the people. The situation is grim and there is no easy solution in sight as the people remain defiant. The only option which leads to peace is talks between the protestors and the generals to reach an amicable solution for the good of the country.


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