“The long-sustained image of India as a leader of the oppressed and marginalised Nations has disappeared on account of its new found role in the emerging global order” Elaborate

In the post World War 2 era, India was the flag bearer of the third world and championed the causes of the oppressed and marginalized Nations through various initiative such as Non-Aligned Movement, the freedom movement in African Countries, Apartheid movement in South Africa etc.

With changing global order, the emergence of multi-polar world and emergence of India as an economic power has poised India a new role.

New Role of India

International Solar Alliance

India was a key player in the negotiations in the run-up to the Paris climate deal. India which committed that even though it was not part of the problem, it will be part of the solution aggressively advocated the principle of common burden differential responsibility according to the respective capabilities. This set the tone for negotiations.

Upholding its commitment India proposed setting up of International Solar Alliance to promote clean energy and India is now hosting the headquarters of the international forum for the first time.

Operation Raahat

Indian Armed Forces conducted Operation Raahat to evacuate its citizens in the backdrop of Saudi Arabian military intervention in Yemen in 2015. India successfully evacuated not just its citizens but also nationals of other countries which included global powerhouses. This was a clear sign of India’s newfound role in emerging global order.

Strategic Forums

India is now member of strategic forums like MTCR and is actively advocating for permanent membership in UNSC and NSG. This was clear departure of India’s long-standing image of leader of oppressed nations to a leader in the multi-polar world.


The concept of Indo-Pacific is gaining traction in the diplomatic circles. US foreign policy document, ASEAN strategy document have mentions about Indo-Pacific. This is an acknowledgement of the fact that the world is now looking for India to take a larger role in upholding peace and stability.

ISRO and Space Activities

Indian space achievements such as launching of 104 satellites in one go, first country to taste success in Mars Mission has made India a leader in Space. When the Chandrayaan 2 lander failed in last stages the support India got from NASA, European Space Agency which lauded India for thinking to land in unexplored territory of the lunar south pole is a testimony of India’s standing in the global arena.

New Found Role in Emerging World Order

India is successfully transforming itself from a leader of the third world to a global leader. With univocal support for the multipolar world across the globe there is no dount that India is one of the pole of global diplomacy and every step of India is watched keenly across the globe.


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