The independence of CBI has been questioned time and again. Can CBI be made more autonomous without affecting its accountability mechanism? Discuss.

Central Bureau of Investigation is the premier investigation body of the country which derives its power of investigation from the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act 1946.
The issue of political interference in the functioning of CBI has threatened the independence of the institute. Due to this reason, CBI has been accused as a caged parrot with many masters. The independence in functioning is very crucial for professional investigation.
One of the major issues is the appointment of CBI director. The appointment process should be transparent. Also, the appointment should be timely in order to avoid ‘Adhoc’ appointment of CBI director.
Also, CBI should be given financial and functional autonomy so that it can investigate the cases on its own. Apart from that, there should be an independent director of prosecution which shall work under the guidance of central vigilance commission and there should be coordinated efforts while investigating in the right earnest.
CBI director should also play a role in the appointment of the chief of prosecution wing in CBI. This will ensure greater autonomy in politically sensitive investigations and de-politicization of investigation and prosecution.
The focus should be on functional autonomy without compromising the accountability. This will ensure that the premier institution will be able to function professionally.


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