"The importance of TAPI is beyond academic relevance and a subject matter of diplomatic talk shops."Discuss.

The Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline project, which will transport Caspian Sea natural gas from Turkmenistan to India via Afghanistan and Pakistan. The project aims to benefit all the participating countries. For Turkmenistan, it will help to explore new market, to remain little or no affected from slowdown in global energy markets. It will help to address energy deficit problem of Pakistan and India. In Afganistan, the project will provide revenue for development and gas for industrial activities. Beside all these, the project aims to promote “regional integration” as the success of the project would certainly improve the region economically, and will pave way for road and rail connectivity between Central Asia and South Asia. Due to this, TAPI project is being seen as first step in economic unification of the Asian region and an instrument to promote economic and social stability in the Asian region. Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan have also signed a MOU for a power transmission line, which shall be constructed parallel to the pipeline. Further, there are also plans to connect the four partner countries via a parallel fibre optic cable.
Therefore, it can rightly be called as super highway of cooperation and coordination that will connect South Asia and Central Asia together.


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