The huge challenge for India is to maintain a delicate balance between its strategic interests and its democratic ideals when it comes to its neighborhood. Discuss keeping in focus the India-Myanmar Relations.

The relation between Myanmar and India has improved considerably since 1993, after the prolonged tensions regarding drug trafficking, democracy suspension, and military rule. Leaders of both countries meet within the ASEAN Plus Six community.


  • Security deployment in Indo-Myanmar is not adequate due to the adverse hilly region. That is why the nuisance of insurgent groups and terrorist activities are on the rise in that area. The conduct of illegal arms dealings, drug supply, etc.
  • India condemned the terror attack in the northern Rakhine region.
  • Chinese influence is there in Myanmar.
  • India has been closely monitoring the infrastructure development of Myanmar in the northeast region.
  • Bilateral ties between the two nations are not that strong.
  • China is selling everything from weapons to food grains to Myanmar. Countering the activities is getting difficult for India.
  • It will be difficult for India if China increases the Naval power in Myanmar.

Way ahead

  • Both nations have been severely affected by the misuse of open borders by internal and external forces. Both will have to focus on border management and regulation.
  • India has been working closely with Myanmar to combat the insurgents operating in the northeast region.
  • Myanmar is a significant part of the India government’s Act East policy. Myanmar can act as a link between India and the ASEAN.
  • India will always support the emergence of Myanmar as a strong democracy living in peace with its neighbors.
  • Realizing Myanmar’s importance as a source of Natural gas, India gave up its policy of isolation and started direct dealing.

As China’s trade, energy, and defense ties with Myanmar have increased day by day, India’s strategic interests in Myanmar have also become very important in recent years.


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