The government has recently tabled a Bill in Lok Sabha for allowing only a voluntary use of Aadhaar. Do you think that law which is promising may actually lead to a stringent enforcement?

Aadhaar should only be limited o its original aim of serving the public and the national interest. Government has been pushing for more safe storage of data which is stored on UIDAI. Many new mechanisms have been put in place for ensuring data safety.
Next steps should comprise that to imposing tough fines on private companies who flout this law. Another proposal of the bill is that any unlawful use of the identity information will lead to a punishment of imprisonment of 3 years and a fine while any kind of tempering with Central Identities Data Repository will lead to the jail of 10 years. The only risk is of strict enforcement and not an infringement of Right to Privacy. Former is also needed to seriously implement the true spirit of the same.


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