The efforts to modernize the police should be complemented with functional and organizational reforms. Discuss.

Police organisation has been long criticised in India for its inefficiency, corruption, insensitivity, lack of modernisation.
Government has launched Modernisation of Police Forces (MPF), an umbrella scheme which will be implemented between 2017 and 2020.
a)Scheme will assist the states to upgrade their police infrastructure, especially in respect of transport, communications and forensic support, to enable them to effectively tackle the emerging challenges.
b) The scheme has special provisions for women’s security, mobility of police forces, logistical support, hiring of helicopters, upgradation of police wireless, satellite communications, crime and criminal tracking network and systems (CCTNS) and e-prisons.
c) Mobility and alertness would increase with new uniforms.Technology would act as force multiplier.
The new scheme fails on structural reforms:
a) Police are accountable to political executives hence it makes them insensitive to public
b)Police can be made reliable only be they are objective, impartial and fair in their dealing with common man.
c)Institutions like the state security commission, police establishment board and complaints authority must be set up in every state in keeping with the directions of the Court. Some states have set up these bodies, but packed them with political stooges, limited their charter and curtailed their powers.
Sustained economic progress needs the solid foundation of good law and order, which needs reorganized, restructured and rejuvenated police organisation. Cosmetic improvements will not do and hence structural reforms are required.


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