The education system needs change, not polishing up. Critically analyze the statement in context of recent Draft national education policy.

The draft national education policy was released recently. It was based on Committee led by Dr K. Kasturirangan.
Feature of draft NEP:

  • It aims to cover the�three years of preschool before Class 1
  • It wants early childhood education to be overseen and regulated by the�Ministry of HRD as part of the school system
  • It suggests a new�integrated curricular framework for 3 to 8-year olds
  • Schools will be re-organized into�school complexes
  • System for flexible and multiple board examinations
  • Restructuring of the higher education institutions
  • Establishment of a Rashtriya Shiksha Aayog
  • Establishment of one higher education regulator�National Higher Education Regulatory Authority (NHERA)

Flaws in the draft NEP

  • NEP talks of the 3-8 age groups as the foundational stage of education but studies have shown that in the 3-5 age group, growth and sensory experience is very different from the 5-8 groups. This was not addressed anywhere in the draft
  • It talks of school preparedness rather than child development
  • It is not a good idea to close down an existing school and provide a school complex which is far away
  • There are several iniquities which cannot be ignored but the policy have just half a page on education of Dalits and OBCs

The approach should be an outcome-based education. Not only school but everywhere should be there. There is need to put a lot of importance on volunteers, local people. They will motivate the parents. Overall culture needs to change.


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