The announcement of the AUKUS security pact heralds a new era of global geopolitics. Comment. Also, discuss its implications for India.

Recently, the US has announced a new trilateral security partnership for Indo-Pacific, between Australia, the UK, and the US (AUKUS). The US will share nuclear submarine Technology with Australia as per the pact.

New Era of global geopolitics:

  • Countering China’s rise – this new body highlights the shift from the cold war approach to counter China’s rise.
  • Rather than being a military pact, like the warsaw pact or NATO, this new Alliance of AUKUS focuses on strategic and economic interests.
  • It is a global and transcontinental alliance, as opposed to earlier groups involving neighboring nations mostly.
  • Combines the Intelligence and defense capabilities of Advanced Nations.

Impact on India’s interests:

  • Supports India’s actions against China’s aggressive tactics. As India is having border tensions with China, such efforts are in India’s interest.
  • Shifting interest towards the indo-pacific highlights India’s rising role in the upcoming decade.
  • However, the formation of AUKUS can sideline QUAD and India’s traditional allies like France.

Thus, India must keep its national interests in mind while dealing with AUKUS.


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