“The American Revolution was the first step towards birth of the great nation.”Discuss.

“American Revolution was the first step towards birth of the great nation.” This statement can be justified on the basis of changes that were introduced in the American society after the revolution. Some of these changes were as follows:

  • American Revolution developed strong belief among the colonists to have a written constitution. The 13 newly independent states adopted written constitution that provided for separation of powers between legislative, executive and judiciary.
  • The thirteen American colonies declared their independence from Britain and Articles of Confederation was replaced by US Constitution. This helped the new government in better control of public institutions; to conduct public affairs and manage public resources. 
  • The American Revolution like any other revolutions involved wars between European nations. France and Spain supplied munitions to colonists in America to fight Britain. This made the colonists understand the importance of weapons and soldiers for winning a war and since then they laid huge emphasis on manufacturing and sales of weapons.

Finally, the revolution ended the European class system and planted the seeds of democracy. It laid the path to abolish slavery and protect women’s rights. Also it led to introduction of Bill of Rights that granted several rights to citizens of US.


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