Telecom Industry : Adoption of 5G

The telecom industry has spoken about India’s high spectrum costs which have left the companies finances stretched. Two of the sector’s three major players are looking at extra payments to be made to the government. The industry is complaining of the overpriced 5G services which are upcoming, considering that these are being sold in other parts of the world at a fraction compared to our rates. Companies are ready to pay it is a function of the business opportunity it opens in India.

5G offers cellular technology different from the previous generations as more machines will be able to talk to one another via these networks than humans. It could set an entire new stage for manufacturing, services and agriculture as well. Driverless cars, crop spring drones and new online entertainment requires high speed networks. The world’s dependence on high speed network is poised to grow and India cannot afford to stay back. It explains why the Government looks to push the roll out of 5G, despite cash strapped companies. The aim should be to give the industry sufficient time to prepare for IOT services, thus the 5G roll out should be done in a better manner.

Telecos don’t have much money after buying expensive spectrum of these networks. While the demand for 5G capability will depend on the industries and government initiatives, there are some issues which need to be cleared. Whether Chinese suppliers will be allowed is a controversy. A policy to support cellular networks, laying down of optical fibre links is still in the works. The telecom regulator is also looking to pool infrastructure and slice spectrum for certain uses like telemedicine which require a high bandwidth. It is also the test of the domestic ecosystem of handsets, whether they are 5G ready.


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