"Surface Irrigation is often associated with several issues undermining productivity and environmental sustainability."Explain.

Surface irrigation is a simple and effective method of irrigation but it should be used under correct management practices only. The key issues created by unwise practice of surface irrigation may result in problems such as water logging, deep drainage and salinization.

  • Waterlogging would block the growth of the plants until extra water is removed from their root zones. This needs the water to be drained out from fields.
  • Deep drainage is caused by over irrigation. It causes the water to move below the root zone resulting in rising water tables. If there is saline water below, the deep drainage will bring the saline water up and cause salinity of soil.
  • The surface water may also add significant volume of salt to soil profile.

Thus, surface irrigation should be practiced keeping these risks in mind and along with minimizing the risk of these potential adverse impacts.


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