Studies have recently discovered the presence of Zearalenone in Indian cereals. What could be the possible health repercussions of the same?

Zearalenone is a known fungal toxin which is found in cereals like wheat, maize and barley. In a study conducted by Journal of Food Science, the toxin was seen in wheat, rice, oats and corn in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Such toxins which are found in food often are the cause of various epidemics. Many toxins are regulated in India like aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, patulin, etc. all of which have been associated with any outbreaks of diseases. So far there is no strong evidence in favour of zearalenone toxicity in humans. IARC has thus, classified it as a Group 3 carcinogen as it is insufficient for the evaluation. Toxic effects of the same are recorded in animals like pigs, etc.


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