Smart Agriculture can be a game-changer for the stressed agriculture sector in India. Elaborate.

Smart agriculture is the use of ICT & next gen appliances to aid in improvement of yield & quality of the crop produced.


  • Drones can be used to survey the land and assess the yield. It would help to plan better crop management.
  • GIS (geographic information system) can be used to digitize land records & settle disputes.
  • Smartphone apps and broadcasting systems to deliver tailor- made advice to farmers.
  • Using AI & machine learning to predict crop yield & the estimated sale price.
  • Creation of National Agriculture Market as started by E-NAM.
  • Using Smart Internet-of-things enabled devices, to control pump sets, and other devices remotely.
  • Real-time monitoring, weather & rainfall analysis and disaster preparedness.
  • Rental of harvesting equipment & happy seeder is easier.
  • Home-delivery of fertilizers, seeds and weedicides.

Way forward:

While Smart-Agriculture will help achieve SDG 10 (reduced inequalities) and double farmers income; but challenges of privacy, digital divide and cost of infrastructure must be addressed.


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