The SAMADHAN doctrine has put the onus of handling Left Wing Extremism entirely on the states. Do you agree with this view? Give arguments. Also enumerate the differences between the newly proposed doctrine with earlier Integrated Action Plan (IAP) and other such schemes.

The SAMADHAN doctrine has been enunciated by Home Minister. The elements of this strategy are S for Smart Leadership, A for Aggressive Strategy, M for Motivation and Training, A for Actionable Intelligence, D for Dashboard-based Key Result Areas and Key Performance Indicators, H for Harnessing Technology, A for Action Plan for Each Theatre and N for No access to Financing.

  • It calls for smart leadership and states to take ownership of anti naxal operations and frame an integrated strategy to deal with guerrillas. CAPFs would only co-operate with states
  • Under aggressive strategy police station are to be fortified hence more responsibility on police forces
  • KPIs and KRAs are to be determined for both state police and CAPFs to assess the preparedness and performance
  • Each state to prepare its own separate short-term, medium-term, long-term strategies, whose goals and deadlines are clearly defined

Thus the doctrine puts some onus on state to take initiative to conduct operations but centre would continue to support states with capacity building and training needs
Integrated Action Plan is focused on better connectivity of inaccessible areas to access services like healthcare and markets; establishment of schools, anganawadis and primary health centres in these remote areas; supply of electricity to these remote area; efficient PDS for all inhabitants; importantly, implementation of MGNREGA, NRLM; strengthening panchayats, forest committees and bringing land reforms through district administration. It is limited to few districts
While SAMADHAN Doctrine focuses on aggressive strategy to deal with LWE who have been causing heavy casualties on armed forces.
SAMADHAN is a short and medium term strategy to eradicate LWE with use of forces while IAP provides for all round development of the region.


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