What provisions have been made in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 to create an inclusive work environment? Keep your answer limited to provisions regarding private sector in the law.

The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 just completed its first year. The Act has a great significance to it as it included the Private employers within its jurisdiction which was subject to interpretation in the previous act. Although there are persons with disabilities(PwD) employed in the private giants, they are majorly restricted to the urban India and most of the private companies still stay reluctant to employ people with disabilities.
The Act brought in provisions by which,

  • No person can be discriminated against on the grounds of their disability thereby providing an equal opportunity. No employee can be discriminated against in cases of career growth, promotions, transfers, etc.
  • The PwD persons cannot be discriminated against in assigning client facing roles. Rather, responsibilities are to be assigned based on the merit.
  • The act suggests that if there are 20 or more PwD employed in the firm, it should set out a policy with job roles identified as suitable for them and should provide the required amenities for PwD, training, special leave, etc.
  • A liaison officer is to be appointed to monitor various stages which include recruitment of PwD, work environment which is conducive to PwD, etc.
  • It obligates the company to maintain a clear record with the details of the employees and the facilities provided to them.

Compliance of Accessibility is the key provision of the act. It states that no company will be provided a certificate of completion unless it provides ramps, elevators, transport, communication, adheres to minimum width of walkways, etc. Thus making the company an inclusive environment.


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