Outline the salient features of India’s nuclear policy and explain the reasons for India’s refusal to sign the C.T.B.T.

In August 1999, India declared its nuclear policy which follows ‘no first use’ doctrine and assures that only in case of any nuclear attack, the nuclear weapons will be used. India will acquire minimum nuclear capacity to counter attack in case of war. India will behave as a responsible nation and will never attack a non-nuclear power with such weapons.

India has reiterated that India will not sign C.T.B.T.–Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, in its present form. Reasons, once again, explained for, are:

The treaty does not limit time or propose doctrine of nuclear-free world.

Nuclear powers can experiment with super computers in this field and developing nations will not be able to experiment.

They are not serious in reduction of nuclear weapons in certain time limit.

India believes it is not an agreement to make the world free from nuclear weapons but only to stop new powers entering this club.


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