One of the greatest early deeds of Mughals is that they brought the Persian Charbagh style to India. Discuss with giving examples of monuments in India which were built in Charbagh style.

Charbagh is a Persian-style garden layout, in which the main building is put at the centre of a quadrilateral garden, divided by walkways or flowing water into four smaller parts.
Humayun’s tomb and Taj Mahal in India are the most famous examples of this style.  In the Charbagh at the Taj Mahal, each of the four parts contains sixteen flower beds.
Another typical example of the Charbagh style is the mausoleum and its garden of I’timādud- Daulah father of Nur Jahan, located in Agra. The tomb, embellished with delicate inlaid works using colored stones despite a white house of white marble wholly, is a jewel of Mughal architecture.


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