NRC has violated the Constitutional morality and may other principles of international law. The exercise can only bring shame to India. Comment.

The tribunal meet on the NRC and even the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016 had stated that minority of Muslims in the state of Assam have suddenly been declared as foreigners. Many of them have been also put in detention centres for violating the international law. The NHRC has stated that these people face deplorable conditions. The people are highly scared as they presume employment termination and denial of health and education services of the governments. Unchecked and unstoppable in-migration has already worried the people of Assam because of their growing marginalisation. This un-checked in-migration has been continuing even after the passage of Assam Accord of 1985.
The Civil Society is blaming that all the successive governments have betrayed them by not implementing the Assam Accord. However, the decision of the Central Government for establishing the NRC and also deportation of four million residents of Assam can also put India vulnerable to the charge of ethnic cleansing. As these people have been living in Assam for decades and have completely integrated into the local community makes this Indian case pronounced on the international stage as an act of inhumanity as these people will be rendered stateless. The UN Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, 1961 clearly leads to an international obligation for prevention of statelessness and also prohibits the withdrawal of nationality especially in situations where people can be made stateless. The NRC step will be disgraceful and condemned in history as an act of ethnic cleansing by the state of India.


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