North East India continues to face several security threats despite its strategic importance. Discuss. What steps have been taken by the government to ensure peace and stability in the region?

North East India due to its historical background and geographical location faces a variety of security threats. These threats have existed, in varying forms, since independence.

Security threats in North East India:

  • Insurgency – Insurgent groups are active in Assam, Manipur, and Nagaland. They have varying demands, from autonomy to secession.
  • Drug trafficking – This region is close to the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia.
  • Arms trafficking – Insurgent groups profit from gun running.
  • Extortion, kidnapping for ransom and killing government servants/politicians are common. E.g. Assam Rifles Convey ambushed in Manipur (2021).

Government of India has taken following steps:

  1. Security front –
  • Precise operations against insurgents with well trained troops and credible inputs.
  • Cooperating with Myanmar and Bangladesh.
  • Training troops in jungle warfare.
  1. Development front –
    • Infrastructure creation, e.g. SARDP-NE (Special Accelerated Road Development Programme – North East Region).
    • Special Fund for NER, to create social and physical infrastructure.
    • Northeast Industrial Development Scheme – Incentives are offered to industry.
    • Northeast BPO scheme for job creation.

The efforts to sign peace deals with insurgents in Nagaland and Tripura show government is committed to peace in Northeast India.


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