National security guard has emerged as a world-class trained force to tackle various facets of terrorism. Discuss the mandate and achievements of this force.

National Security guards (NSG) is a specialized agency to tackle advanced forms of terrorism in India. It formally came into existence in 1986 by an act of Parliament. The idea behind raising such force came in the aftermath of Operation Blue Star.

Mandate of NSG:

  • Coordinated efforts against terrorism in India.
  • Investigation & intelligence inputs for terrorism and threats.
  • Specialized trained manpower for specific threats.


  • Proactive steps in preventing many terror attacks in India.
  • Immediate response to big threats like 26/11, to reduce damage to life and property.
  • Upgraded technology to enhance India’s ability to tackle terrorism.
  • A specialized and trained counter-terrorism task force to co-ordinate efforts.


  • Funding for advanced weaponry.
  • Coordination with other Agencies like CBI.
  • Lack of awareness about advanced threats like cyber terrorism.

Way forward:

Counter-terrorism is crucial to India’s internal as well as external security. Addressing lacunae through partnerships (Israel-Russia), as well as private sector involvements are needed.


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