Keeping in view, the complex and new forms of security threats emerging in recent times, discuss how technology is a major stakeholder in addressing the internal security challenges of India.

Globalization and fourth Industrial Revolution have given rise to new and complex forms of internal security challenges, calling for a harmonious mix of both man and machine to combat them. Man and machine both have an important role in national security.

Technology – a major stakeholder in internal security:

  1. Reaching terrains where men can’t
    • g. Ladakh’s cold desert, Siachen Glacier & extreme weather conditions.
    • Drones, smart walls, are envisaged under CIBMS (Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System).
  2. Intelligent inputs to stay ahead.
    • g. AI-based Data Analytics to identify deep fakes.
  3. New and advanced forms of weapons to deal with complex threats
    • g. Air-Dome protection for NCR region against drones.
  4. Digital monitoring & surveillance to preemptively identify threats
    • g. CCTV-based surveillance.
  5. Updated cyber infrastructure, such as attack-proof internet connections, against cyber security threats.

Way Forward:

  • Role of private sector through strong IPR regime and PPP models.
  • Data security and privacy to leverage digitization.
  • Training of intelligence agencies in new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.

Pro-active step are the best remedy for security-induced threats. Technology can act as extended eyes and ears.


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