Most individual states in United States have their own flags. Do you think that Indian states should also have similar kind of state flags, symbolic of their tradition and heritage? Opine.

Though it is hard to represent an entire nation on a piece of cloth, but in general, national flag of country represents the history, culture, religion and symbol of what a particular country stands for. Indian Flag represents the symbol of our existence and unity as a nation. It drives the Indian people with different faiths and religions like Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism to work together in common way of dharma and to maintain a peaceful society. Indian states are characterized by large diversity in terms of religion, culture and symbolism.
For example, the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan have the highest concentration of Jain population; Northeast India forms a major region of Christian concentration, and Kerala and Lakshadweep are Muslims dominated areas. Also, there exists language conflict such as between the Marathi speaking people and migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihari in Maharashtra. Similarly, there exist a culture conflict between Kashmir and Rest of India. In such circumstances, approval of state flags may not be a good idea. State flags may be used by politicians to create a divide in the society based on religion, language, culture, etc., and it may also bring conflict in the interests of the people from different communities, and thus would be against the unity and integrity of the country.

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