It seems China has to go against its own grain and give Hong Kong enough space to run its own affairs. Comment.

The new generation of Hong Kongers are increasingly drifting away from the Mainland China both in cultural and political aspects. The recent change is evident from the turn of events last week when millions of protestors took to streets of Hong Kong in protest against the new Extradition Law which will allow people to be extradited to China. The law serves a threat to all the critics of Chinese regime who have hitherto found a safe haven in Hong Kong. As a result of the protests the administrator of Hong Kong had to shelve the law temporarily. Although the current wave of protests will die down but the explosions in sentiments will be hard to tame as the discontent has historical roots.
The recent incident is a testament to the fact that Hong Kong needs to have an extradition treaty with China which reinforces its autonomy. Hong Kong has never felt a part of China and has always made efforts to preserve its institutions of the British era and its unique culture. It has always seen itself as a global city and perceives the biggest threat lies in its slow absorption into the Chinese fabric. China has to come to terms with the fact that the new generation which has grown-up after the British had left and have not seen Chinese rule apart from in 1-2 systems are protesting any further integration with China. This young generation has developed an outward approach to the world than an inward bend towards China. Even earlier attempts of China to bring in more patriotism and Chinese spirit by bringing reforms in school-education of Hong Kong were met with severe protests. The changing tide is sure to bring more unease to China in future.


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