It is time to recreate Gandhi’s notion of Satyagraha. Does the statement hold importance in present times of increasing violence against minorities?

It is time that our society accepts the notion of reinvention of Gandhiji as a political philosopher for the struggle against the violence unleashed against the minorities. Some incidents which have shaken the confidence of the entire nation need real reflection in terms of the need to go back to the space of non-violence which has been constantly attacked by the people who kill in the name of God. Once people start taking to violence they get sucked into it continuously without any looking back. People have also become so insensitive to these violent incidences and are reduced to the role of helpless spectators of various acts of violence which are inflicted on our fellow citizens.
Even the practised acts of marches, assembly, writ petitions, etc, are completely ignored by the government. Thus, the notion of Satyagraha has to be recreated by Indians to awaken the government. Satyagraha stands in contrast to methods of violence which dictate causing damage to others. Satyagraha involves causing self-suffering to people. It is this mode of politics which leads to arousing of the collective consciousness of the people. Latter is a formidable force which can move governments and force them to listen and act. This action demands a lot of courage and will-power on the part of people. A lot of moral strength is needed as one fights with injustice with commitment, fearlessness, and even willingness to take on more punishment.


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