It has been seen that apart from the gender roles, do you think religion is driving conservatism among the youth?

Faith and religion have strong influences on how millennials view the prevalent social issues. The last few years have been a witness to a rise in religiosity in the country. This has been suggested by the data which has been derived from various organizations. This can be instrumental in reiterate the conservative attitudes in the nation for various social issues. Some of these attitudes are all being spurred by the society which is dominated by communally-oriented people. They are also being played and manipulated by the political parties to forward their political agendas. They thrive on politics of conservatism among the public for temporary electoral victories but leave a permanent division among society.
Although most youths are seen as more liberal than the older generations it has been seen that a clear parallel can be drawn between the ones who consider religion as being an important part of their lives often find it hard to accept equal gender roles of women.
Also, such youth have been found to exhibit more conservative views on homosexuality as they found it unacceptable in all forms. Religious conformity and other liberal values have always shared a contradictory relationship with each other. Religious progressive youth have relatively less conservative roles in social issues.


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