"As India aims to transform itself as a global power in 21st century, due attention must be diverted towards Latin America."Critically examine.

Latin America encompasses countries in middle and South America. The diplomatic relations between India and Latin American countries has grown steadily which is seen through:

  • An enhanced south-south cooperation through non aligned movement of which both India and Latin American countries are key pillars.
  • India is actively engaging with Brazil through BRICS, IBSA.
  • India was successful in getting support from Argentina and Mexico for India’s bid for NSG membership.
  • Latin America is one of the main markets for Indian pharmacy exports.
  • Venezuela is one of the leading exporter of crude petroleum products for India.
  • India is closely working with Latin American countries in multi-lateral forums like WTO to put forward the concerns of developing world in an effective way.

But still a lot of avenues are left unexplored in India- Latin America relations. The key strategic advantages for India by deepening relations with Latin-America include:

  • Support for India’s bid of permanent bid in UNSC will further augment the India’s cause.
  • With increasing protectionist attitude of India’s Key markets US and EU, Latin America provides for an enhanced opportunity to diversify its exports.
  • Latin America can be our partner in effectively countering the developed countries in climate change and make them toe line of common burden differential responsibility according to respective capabilities.

Further, the Latin American nations’ expertise in creative cash transfer programmes for poor, Innovative sustainable energy technologies can be of great aid for India for its inclusive and sustainable development projects.


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