India is set to become the most populous nation; improving the quality of life is crucial. Comment.

It has been clearly projected in the World Population Prospects 2019 that India is slated to become the most populous country by 2027 crossing China. It is a wake-up call for our national leaders to step up their efforts to raise the level of education, health and living standards of people all across India. It has been projected that India will be home to around 1.64 billion people by 2050. Governments should worry about stabilizing the population numbers by raising the quality of life and standard of living of people. There should be a push for sustainable development which will no destroy the environment. It has also been suggested that there will be constant migration of people from countries where the working-age population is falling to those above 65. Such economies usually allow people to sustain their production. Japan has the lowest ratio followed by Europe and the Caribbean. The Sample Registration System data has stated the states of Bihar, UP, Haryana, MP, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh should bring down the fertility rates for stabilising the population growth. India will soon have a growing population of old people and I will be highly beneficial for the government to create job opportunities in services which cater to them. The government will have to reimagine the urban infrastructure and there has to be increased emphasis on affordable housing.


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