India is playing a highly inactive role in the confluence of civilisations which is being played by China. Comment.

The power of the US has diminished over the years and many experts are viewing the US-China trade war via the prism of �clash of civilisations�. Many experts have described that the US is faced with the growing threat posed by the increasing power of China and hence as China is not Caucasian in origin the new Cold War will be between the US and a completely different civilisation. In the same light, the Cold War between the US and Russia was largely within the same Western Family.
Chinese leader Xi Jinping has taken on a proactive role in contrast to India which is playing dormant. On a variety of occasions Xi has stressed on the need for inter-civilisation dialogue for the promotion of world peace. He has always maintained that all the civilisations are equally endowed with their share of strengths and weaknesses. He has promoted Asia as the cradle of civilisations that is home to a majority of the world population. In his reference to the US, he stated that all civilisations should appreciate the beauty of others and not push for exclusivist goals which is one of the primary reason for the decline of civilisations. Xi also has praised the role of Indian ancient culture to the contribution to the richness of Asian civilisation. India should have also been a part of the inter-civilisation dialogue and not have made itself known by its absence.


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