India is one among the countries that are at a high risk from Melioidosis. What is this disease and what are the concerns regarding the same? Examine.

Melioidosis is a highly contagious disease which if not treated in time can lead to death in a span of two days.
Melioidosis (alsocalled as Whitmore’s disease) is caused by Whitmore bacillus bacteria.
The disease is contracted through the skin and lungs or by drinking contaminated water.
The symptoms of the disease include fever, convulsions, and shortness of breath. Patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease or excessive alcohol intake people are more likely to contract melioidosis. The risk is also more for people who are regularly exposed to soil and water contact like rice farmers. The disease still has no licenced vaccine. The diagnosis of the disease is difficult as the disease mimics other diseases and it requires a good microbiology laboratory for identification of bacterial culture and to make an accurate diagnosis. This is the main concern about this disease.


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