India is developing as a state of fear for the journalists as there are increased number of attacks on journalists. Comment.

Indian media is having a stroke of irony as there is a time when there are constant attacks on journalists when the media boasts of being not subservient to power. Even the huge victories registered by some politicians were not enough for making them more media-tolerant. The attacks have come in multiple forms like trolling, dismissal, censorship, personal armed attacks, imprisonment, etc. Many attacks even labelled the journalists as anti-nationals, or blackmailers, presstitutes, etc. There is a significant observed pattern-
First, the attacks are designed to label the journalists as a degenerate lot and the whole profession is debased. This often leads to resentment and conditions under which the journalists can be asked without any questions. Secondly, there is a deliberate creation of a scenario of intimidation. Many journalists have been attacked by petrol bombs, threatened, rendered homeless by their landlords, or have been run over while commuting. No protection was received even after police reports. Finally, a republic of fear is in the making and the journalists are forced to adopt self-censorship. The point here is that the whole industry is under threat of losing its importance. India as a country needs to have special protections to the journalists and should come out strong on issues of protection to journalists.


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