India is aiming to win a non-permanent seat at UNSC for 2 years. Do you think Indian government should think in terms changing its image of being a fence-sitter for consolidating its bid for the same?

The Indian government had announced its bid for the non-permanent seat at the UNSC in 2013 and has since been gathering support from various countries. It has won a huge endorsement by a 55-nation Asia-Pacific Group at the UNSC. It will be in June 2020, when all the members of the UNSC will vote for the 5 non-permanent seats, in which India will need the backing of at least 129 members. The seat will reach India only in the 2030s by rotation.
India which is said to have enjoyed a label of being a fence-sitter so far as it has refrained from voting on some of the biting issues will have to change its imaged and take some bold sides on pressing international issues. India will have a notable role with the polarisation of UNSC becoming apparent with US, France and UK on one side and Russia and China on the other.
Even China and Pakistan have agreed with the Indian nomination despite the differences. India has to carve out a comprehensive strategy for the UNSC about its plans for the seat. It should show its presence in the organisation matters and has the potential to bring about changes. Its position in the UNSC has to bring abo some concrete outcomes to enumerate its stature in the world before it pushes for permanent membership.



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