India has to seriously think about the violations to the law on Manual Scavenging. Legislation alone, maybe cannot help. Examine this in the light of the insidious caste discrimination.

Despite serious laws against manual scavenging, it is a shame many daily labourers are forced to work in menial conditions in sewers, septic tanks and man-holes. These workers stand no chance to survive in these holes which are full of noxious fumes and harmful gases. The dehumanising practice has not come to an end even after there are strict legislations for putting an end to these. Many instances of workers submerged half with sludge and sewage are completely ignored.
As per the statistics collected by the National Commission for Safai Karamcharis, which was established for the welfare of sanitation staff, the falling conditions of the Safai Karamcharis have been highlighted. The statistics state that one person dies in every five days ever since 2017, while cleaning the sewers. Although the legislation as been made for complete elimination of this malpractice but it will not be possible unless its roots are attacked. The root of this social evil lies in the caste discrimination in the society which has only categorised certain people responsible for all these menial works. The government has to introduce many social programmes for bringing more awareness and igniting humanity in people to not allow subjection of any human being to such work. Machines should be employed while these people should be given alternate employment.


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