India has been experiencing several attempts to attack over the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII), both by state and non state actors. What are the factors behind increased instances of attacks? Also, enumerate the steps taken by the Indian government to secure its CII.

Critical Information Infrastructure is that which is vital for the domestic economy and national security. It includes the finance system, Defence system, Telecommunication networks, power  grids, etc.

Reasons for targeting CII:

  • It is a kind of modern and unconventional warfare, which is far more cost effective than a conventional war, both in terms or economic cost and human lives cost.
  • Its impact on the affected nation can be as disastrous as a conventional war.
  • Affected nation may not be able to identify culprit. Its animosity encourages the attacker to continue without fearing the repercussions.
  • Terrorist groups can impact a much larger number of people, than by one suicide bomber/lone wolf attack. E.g. by disrupting banking system, hijacking electricity grid.

Steps taken by Government:

  • Creation of National Critical information Infrastructure Protection centre.
  • Establishing Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT – In) for rapid response to cyber attacks.
  • Coordinating activities of different bodies through National Cybercrime Coordination Centre (NCCC).
  • Mandating cybersecurity audits of critical infrastructure.
  • Indigenization of telecom equipments. E.g. Chinese equipments have been banned.

Critical Infrastructure like financial system, transport and defence systems are vital for the integrity of the nation. Thus the steps taken by the government are commendable.


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