"India and Africa have a three-layered relationship viz. bilateral, regional and pan- "Discuss.

India and Africa have a three-layered relationship viz. bilateral, regional and pan-African. The foci of these relations are Energy Cooperation, Trade and Investment, Maritime Cooperation, Peace and Security and Cooperation towards global negotiations with respect to UNSC Reforms, Environmental talks etc. Other focus areas include Infra Development in African, skill development of African students and youth and sharing India’s adaptable technologies with Africa. It a holistic relationship between the two and not only strategic.
India is the fourth largest trading partner of Africa. 70% of India’s oil imports come from Middle East. Due to continuous turmoil in Middle East, it is better for India to diversify its pool by focusing on Africa.
With respect to Maritime co-operation, both are concerned about piracy, drug trafficking and security of sea lanes.
The African countries have developed the Africa Integrated Maritime Strategy 2050 that provides a roadmap to deal with the maritime security challenges and measures to develop the blue economy. This supplements Samudri Mitrata (Friendship across the Ocean) initiative of India.
With respect to peace and security, both the countries are inflicted with terror attacks. Both can team up and develop counter terrorism strategy to tackle the issue.
Both can team up for UNSC reforms and Africa can be a support to India for permanent seat due to its vast votes in UNSC.  (221 words)


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